Marlen Industries was started in 1984 by cofounders: Martin and Elsie Venter to develop and market borehole casings for bore holes. The product line was introduced in the Northern parts of South Africa whereas the line subsequently expanded to other regions.

To the company's knowledge, Marlen Industries is now the sole supplier of borehole casings to all NTK branches in the Northern Province.

Marlen Industries continues to grow from strength, expanding and diversifying into civil engineering work and the manufacturing of steel products.

Presently Marlen Industries is doing contract work on an annual basis. Contract work for mines include: Air ducting, Smoke stacks, Chutes, Hoppers, Silos, Cyclones etc.

Our Vision

Marlen Industries strive to fulfill customer needs for steel manufactured products and construction services at a competitive prize in order to gain an acceptable market share.

Our Goal

Being the manufacturing leader in steel products and steel structures in of South Africa.

Our Quality Policy

Marlen Industries is committed to make quality a way of life, for us, quality means continuously conforming to all requirements of our job specifications, products and services, as agreed from time with our clients.

We strive to do every task right the first time, but also keeping in mind that there is always an even better way, which will inspire us to continuous improvement.

Integrity, fulfillment of customer needs, and the optimum utilization of our resources, are our utmost priority.


Quality Products & Services to Satisfy our Clients

Our customers are the reason that we have become such a business. We, at Marlen Industries want to build on this reputation to achieve our goal: being the manufacturing leaders in steel products in most Provinces.

Quality, service, expansion, differentiation and specialisation are our key words.

Client satisfaction is very important, thus whatever our client's steel manufacturing requirements, we pride ourselves in outstanding quality offered to them.

We also run our own trucking fleet in order to maintain the control necessary to provide our clients with the best possible service whenever, wherever needed.

Our client base speaks for us - being the sole supplier of borehole casings to all NTK branches in the Northern Province.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality products to respected businesses in Southern Africa.

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